Hi!! I’m Danielle and I don’t know what I’m doing. That’s probably why you’re here too, looking for answers, can’t say for sure that I have the right ones, or ones you’ll like, but I’m pretty good at bull shitting…Oh and swearing.

I’m married and have a son who is almost one! My husband and I love to travel and play sports (although we’re both getting a bit too achy for the latter) and we’ve recently moved back to my hometown.

My husband likes to Smoke meat and BBQ, and is in the pre-beginning stages of refurbishing his van for family enjoyment. Honestly, the thing looks like a pedophile van, but he loves it. It has a name, Ron, Ron Burgundy…We hope to make it a bit of a family project and then get to do road trips in it!

This blog started from my Instagram of the same name, I love photography and keeping it real, at the behest of my friends and family it was created. I love eating (not vegetables, mostly bread and chocolate), drinking, traveling, and straightforward, real-talk when it comes to parenting, travel, and life in general. I’m not super touchy feely, but I LOVE my son more than I could have imagined. I can’t cook past the basics (read: Mac and Cheese) and my only piece of cooking advice is to get someone else to do it.

The name Rambles and Runaways was chosen from the fact that I love to ramble (yes, both in conversation, and in the true definition ie. wandering around the countryside aimlessly) and the fact that my days are like a runaway train now that I have a kid. If everyone has eaten 3 meals by bedtime I consider that a success.

I hope you enjoy reading and following along!