Holiday Gift Guide for Parents of Toddlers

Looking for gift ideas for your friends or family that have a toddler? Look no further! You’ll be the favourite friend/family member for years to come when you provide your loved ones with one of these gifts!


No, not for them, please feed the tiny monster dinner. Be prepared, this will be like trying to convince Trump to stop tweeting; “No Sir, trust us, this will be good for you.” “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP MAKING A MESS!”

Morning-After Babysitting

The fear of having to parent hungover, is what nightmares are made of. Give them the gift of not having to deal with real life hitting them like a brick at 6am. Bonus points for having the coffee ready for them when they wake up.

House Cleaning

You’ve been to their house, you’ve seen the sticky fingerprints on everything, and the piles of paperwork, laundry, and dishes that never seem to get done. Whether you clean it for them, hire someone, or take the tiny tyrant off their hands for a day so they can FINALLY get to the bottom of their to-do list, they will feel like they’ve been to therapy and had a massive breakthrough, not breakdown.

A Barrel of Coffee

Not Costco sized. A 50L drum of coffee.

A New Coffee Machine

They’ve probably worn theirs out. It needs an on button, and a brew button. Easy to use even when deliriously tired.

Babysit the Doggo

This one needs to be repeated.

Do they have a furry friend in the family? Is the little fluff ball being ignored on the regular? Or is the canine companion annoying as shit and not helping itself out? Take the dog for a day or weekend. Get it groomed (especially nails clipped), and give the dog the attention it’s owners wish they could give him. Burn all the dogs energy before returning it home, so that it does nothing but sleep for 2 days.


Booze is always a good gift.

Things NOT to get them

Toys for their kid that make lots of noise.

Anything breakable.

Hobbies, don’t get them anything that could be considered “a hobby”. They ain’t got time for that.

Books. They do not have the time for such a luxury.

Holiday Gift Guide for Parents of Toddlers

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