Hi everyone! We’re the Adams and we’d like to welcome you to our space, Rambles and Runaways !

With this space, we hope to write our stories, post our pictures, and create a space with all our travel recommendations, tips/tricks, blunders, and successes. It will be more than just travel though, as we both have full-time jobs. It will be our hobbies and our day-to-days. It will be edited for accuracy, grammar, and spelling, but not for perfection. We are real, life is real, and I’m tired of looking at magazines/bloggers that make things look perfect. We don’t do photoshoots, and it’s been a while since I did more than run a brush through my hair and call it a day.

We love traveling and eating good food, which is why we work, those hobbies are pricey. I love photography (hence my continuously updated instagram) and Tyler loves BBQ and his burgundy Chevy Nomad, Ron. And of course we love our son. We recently went to Crete with our son, a tiring and beautiful adventure, and now we’re looking at doing some more local trips and projects. Tyler has dreamed of refurbishing his van from a “rugby road trip vehicle” to a “nicer”, road trip vehicle. But we’ve compromised on refurbishing it for family road trips instead (it was that or getting rid of it completely). We haven’t got much further than agreeing to that though, so hopefully we’ll be able to start that soon(ish).

We get a lot of queries from friends about our travels, our smoked meats, and our life out in the Eastern Fraser Valley, and that’s why this space was created.

My instagram is full of photos from our travels and my day-to-day on maternity leave (which is ending soon) you can check it out at @ramblesandrunaways

My twitter is full of random thoughts about parenting, life in general, politics (not too much, I’m a little tired of the whole circus tbh). Most things are meant to be funny, so hopefully you get the jokes! Check it out @ramblesrunaways

None of our posts are sponsored, if we recommend something, its because we have purchased it and have used it ourselves (generally after a shit ton of research by me, which Tyler thinks is unnecessary). You’ll never see us trying to sell you on some bullshit weight-loss tea or probably anything the Kardashian’s sell. That being said, if you’d like us to try something out or send us somewhere on your dime, we’re all ears, keep in mind, I won’t hold back when I review it.

Thanks for stopping in, you can subscribe to the site and/or follow us on social media. We hope you stop by often and that you find some comfort in the fact that we are all in the thick of it together.

The Adams.

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