What You ACTUALLY Need for a New Baby

I was perusing the interwebs and found a crapload of blogs that touted their lists as the “best” list of items you need for a new baby. They said “Oh, there’s too much stuff and it’s all conflicting, I’ve narrowed it down to only what you actually need!” Then I scrolled down to their list, and guess what? The list had about 3000 things on it.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, those sites are horseshit.

As we approached our due date, people would ask if we were prepared for baby. My response every time was “No.”

I’d get this stunned look in response like, “What? How could you not be ready?”

Well, everyone says you can never be fully prepared, so why bother getting stressed out trying?

What you actually need for a new baby:

A car seat.

A spot for them to sleep. (Literally a laundry basket can do the trick, I have also seen a dresser drawer play the part)

A handful of bodysuits and onesies.

A couple blankets and maybe a sleep sack.

That’s it. 4 things.

Things you can get for free- usually 1 bottle and some formula samples; which is all you need in the bottle/formula category if you intend on breastfeeding.

As for diapers and wipes you can get some from the hospital before you leave (for free) if you don’t have any at home. When we went to the hospital we literally had 2 newborn sized diapers at home. That was it.

So don’t stress out, you can buy things as you need them rather than stockpiling the nursery with shit (you may never use) for months and months before the baby arrives. No matter how much stuff you buy, or how much reading you do, you will never be “ready” so don’t get stressed out trying.

Rant over.

What You actually need for a new baby

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